Sex Mistakes Men Make: #1 The Beginning

sex-education_2433736bSex does not begin in the bedroom…for women

Okay guys we understand that for most of you, you can turn the lights out and “Mr Happy” can become “Mr. Ready-for-action” lickety-split. This is okay if you have just started a relationship because in the beginning – we’re all horned up and excited much of the time.  The problem is that this does not last for us women.

Once we’re past the super exciting honeymoon period and life starts to creep back into our everyday lives, we need a bit more than a wink and a smile. I’m not saying that you can’t excite us in the bedroom, you can…but if you’ve ignored us most of the day, it will be a lot more work for both of us and you may not be successful.

Don’t listen to the comedians, we don’t just need food and compliments. We need human contact, most especially with the man we love. If you spend your entire day gaming, facebooking, chatting with your buddies, working, napping, running errands, and etc… – what are you NOT doing? That’s right, you are not spending any quality time with your woman. I’m not saying you can’t do with your free time as you wish, you can…  But I am saying if your priorities don’t include the person you claim to love, you will be going to sleep with rosy palm and her five fingers or a set of blue balls. Because when we don’t feel loved and important – WE DON’T GET WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if we don’t get wet, we’ll choose sleep over you.  Before you even think it, let me say that this is not us being vindictive. It’s practical. It’s late, we’re tired and we have two choices:

  1.  lose sleep for mediocre sex with someone who chose everyone and everything but us all day long.
  2.  get some much needed rest and start the day over tomorrow.

What would you choose? Honestly, you’re being a selfish person if you think she owes you sex after being ignored all day. If you love her, treat her better. If you don’t, then cut her loose…there are PLENTY of men who would look at your woman as a treasure. Don’t forget that.

So what can you do? How can you have it all without feeling like you have to step and fetch for your woman? Because I’m not suggesting that either!!!

While you are doing your things and she’s doing hers… stop a minute and give her a hug or accept one from her if she comes to you, kiss her and show you appreciate her. You don’t have to ignore your own need to do stuff, you just need to not forget the person you love exists.

A woman needs to feel safe and secure in a relationship and if you ignore her too much, she will not feel safe or secure any longer.If she’s trying to talk to you and you can’t tear your eyes away from your FB friends, you just told her that they mean more to you than she does. If that’s not your goal the give her your attention for a minute and a nice long hug. Hugging releases pleasure hormones and creates a sense of connection and trust. Those are feelings of safety and when a woman feels safe and secure, she feels loved and when she feels loved – she want to FUCK.

Arousal begins in the brain for us women. Keep contact and connection with us throughout the day and you will have begun our foreplay. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if maybe you did begin some foreplay before dragging us to the bedroom, the kitchen or wherever you plan on banging us, but that’s for another blog. 😉

You understand what I’m saying now, fellas? I’m not trying to shame you, I’m trying to help you get laid because when you’re getting laid…my Big Girls are getting laid.

Hopefully you all understand how to start the process and now understand that for us women, sex does not start in the bedroom.

Happy Fucking!




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