Dating/Relationship Myth #1: Smart Women Can’t Find Men

smartThis is code for uncompromising bitches who can’t find a sucker to put up with her shit.

The fact is this: the smarter the woman is the EASIER it is for her to find the right man because a smart woman recognizes a good man and treats him accordingly. I and other intelligent women in successful relationships find memes like this offensive bullshit.

It’s dumb women, who think that their shit doesn’t stink, that continue to choose THE WRONG MAN over and over and over; or act so high and mighty that they drive Mr. Right away with all their entitlement crap. Or even worse than that…get involved with married men and then think that somehow they will prove to be better or smarter than the poor beleaguered spouses who’ve been cuckolded. It is because of that, they remain chronically single into their mid-30’s and beyond. It’s NOT because they’re smart, it’s because they’re chronically selfish and self-indulgent and they do not know how to be a partner. They think they deserve to be a Princess. Smart women choose partners, they don’t choose peons or pimps.

Now I am NOT referring to women who deliberately and consciously choose to be single. I am talking about women who put memes like this on their Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook because they have been dumped/left …yet AGAIN.

You are not unable to find or keep a good man because you are too smart, fat, old, young, dumb, etc…you are unable to find/keep a good man because you are suffering from low self esteem and don’t believe you are worthy or you are a selfish little bitch.  Both conditions are curable but it’s likely the sufferers of low self esteem will actually prevail over the selfish types who think they are too awesome to “settle”. Honey, you’re not settling, you’re not worthy.

There is a huge difference between being a self confident woman and a stuck up bitch.  Self confident women believe they have worth, stuck up bitches believe no one is worthy of them.

Would you want to be with someone who thinks you don’t deserve them? Exactly.

Believe in yourself but not to the point of believing you are better than everyone else…that’s a line you should never cross.

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