So he Cheated: Here’s Why

A lot of women get cheated on and they all have that one burning question…WHY????

Well, here is a blog for all you who’ve been there and never truly understood what went wrong. It’s easy to just say that cheater is an asshole who didn’t deserve you but before they became that cheating asshole, they were someone you loved. Did you treat them like they were loved? Did you do all you could to make them feel special and wanted? Did you truly try to make your relationship work?

Trauma Central

Do you want to know why your man cheated on you? I mean, really really want to know why? Then put down the carton of Häagen-Dazs, dry your eyes, and read this article… It might just save your next relationship!

With the exception of my wife, I’ve cheated on nearly every significant relationship I’ve ever been in. It’s a fact I’m not proud of, but there it is. If there’s one good thing that came out of all this, it’s that I have some good insider information on why men do this sort of thing. Secondly, if you want to get anything out of this, just forget about the idea of right/wrong or good/bad. I’m not your priest so I don’t deal with the binary concept of right or wrong. I’m more concerned about the facts of human behavior and you should be too if you don’t want your next…

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