What Do You Do When Someone Insults You?

There is no worse feeling in the world than having someone you care about take a very personal shot at you. Words hurt, that’s just a simple fact. If someone chooses to hurt you, it says plenty more about them than it does you. You may want to look at why you want someone in your life so willing to inflict pain. On the other hand, meaningless people try hard to hurt with words too but you can and should let those insults bounce off you and move on. People, no matter who they are, that need to insult you on such a deeply personal level do so because their self esteem is in the toilet. They see you and are SEETHING with envy and jealousy.

I had a fairly recent experience with a woman in her mid to late 30’s taking a shot at my age and my looks. I’ve actually never had any issues with my age nor my looks. I didn’t freak when I turned 30, I had a great 40th and as I tick down the next 3.5 years to 50…I feel absolutely fucking AWESOME about who I am, how I look and where I am in my life.  I’m sexy, fat, beautiful and loved.  I don’t need to tear anyone down and at this point in my life nobody can tear me down either. I also don’t need to take pictures at weird angles to hide my true self. I look at the camera dead on – that’s me in every picture I use as a background. I’m good with me. 😉

Don’t allow bitter and jealous people to tear you down. Recognize them for who and what they are – unhappy, insecure and unable to have a real connection with another person.  In short, miserable. Ignore the haters, don’t respond, don’t let it get into your head. Walk away or look at them and laugh. Seriously. I had some crazed woman call me fat and tell me that I should eat more salad and less cheeseburgers.  My response was simply:  “Bitch, I’m fine being fat and I fucking LOVE cheeseburgers. I’m good”.

As long as you are good with you, that is really all that matters.

17 thoughts on “What Do You Do When Someone Insults You?

  1. I don’t have any problems with my age (turning 42 on Oct 25th) but I wish I could be more accepting of my body. I’ve always been insecure about it. I don’t really have anyone that has come right out & said something mean or cruel to me, but I hate the looks I get from strangers. I’m not going to say something to someone who has just given me a nasty look but I wish it didn’t hurt me so much!

    • Whether they speak it or they give a nasty look the bottom line is that they are saying more about themselves than they are about you.

      People who are miserable project that outward and it’s petty as HELL to cast judgement on someone else.

      You can always change what you don’t like about your body, it’s much easier than accepting yourself as you are. The thing is…once you accept yourself and see yourself as the truly amazing and beautiful person you are, you will realize that you don’t need to change anything.

      May I ask what it is about yourself that makes you feel so insecure?

      • Well, I’ve always been a big girl, even as a child. Although, when I look back at pictures from when I was in high school, I’d love to be that size again! I feel like I’ve been on a diet for most of my life, but as the years go by, my weight continues to climb. There have been a few times in my life when I was able to lose some weight & I started feeling better about myself, but then some event would come along, like losing my job or getting divorced, that seemed to knock me off course. Then I gained back what I lost, plus a little more. I’m currently unemployed & I’m trying to not fall in to that trap again but I’ve just got too much time on my hands. I just discovered wordpress last week & started my first blog, so I’m hoping that will help to keep me occupied.

      • You sound like me. Big girl my whole life…though big in high school was actually not really big at all just bigger than the tiny girls. LOL

        I started following your blog…good stuff! I hope it gives you what you need but…if you got some time – read my earlier blogs. They may help especially since there are plenty of men who read, comment and follow my stuff – letting all of us big girls know that we ARE sexy as we are.

        Once you turn your head around…you’ll find what you’re looking for much faster!

      • Exactly… I wasn’t big in high school, just bigger than them!

        I have read some of your recent posts but I will go back & read your earlier ones, too.

        Thank you for following me! I’ve really enjoyed the process of starting my first blog. I love to read & I read a lot, but I’ve always wondered if I could write as well. So far I think I’m doing OK. I’m accustomed to keeping a lot of stuff inside, but I’m really enjoying the opportunity to share my opinions & experiences with anyone interested in reading them. 🙂

  2. One of the sexiest women I have ever, EVER met, probably weighed close to 300 lbs.

    My wife was over 200 last year. She was always slim and slender but after our 5th child, the weight came on. She went through the same feelings that are being expressed here.

    For the record, when we were married in 1984 and she weighed 120, I loved her. When she hit 200, I never stopped loving her and worshiping her sexy body. She recently lost 50 lbs and I love her new sexy body.

    The right person will love you no matter what your body looks like. LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN!

  3. Thanks for this! My response to repeated criticisms of someone close to me became “I’m happy with who I am and where I am, and if you’re not, that’s a problem you’re going to have to work out on your own.” The criticism stopped pretty quickly.

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