Big Girls, Big Mistakes…Fatshion

Are you a fat girl who wears big, blousy tops or dresses to hide your rolls? Do you wear oversized t-shirts, PJ pants, huge sweatshirts and sweatpants?


You are making a HUGE mistake, literally. Over-sized clothing does two very bad things:

  1.  They make you look BIGGER than you are.
  2.  They make you look asexual.

You think you’re hiding your fat, you are covering up those annoying and hateful rolls, the backfat, etc… You’re not though and worse you’re making yourself look less womanly because big, loose, boxy clothes make you look like you have no shape at all….and no shape is NOT attractive.  No shape is LESS attractive than what you think you’re hiding. Trust me.  You want to wear clothing that fits, worry less about hiding your rolls than not. Sexy, well fitted clothing is a big plus to feeling good about yourself.

Fat Girl Yes!!

BigSexy notshy


Fat Girl No!!!!

fatboxing wal_mart_32


It’s not about how big you are, it’s about seeing yourself the way you want to be seen. Pretty clothes, pretty hair and some make up do wonders for self confidence. How can you feel good about who you are if you spend so much time hiding from it?

Dress yourself to show off your best assets, to be sexy for yourself…channel your inner Tess Munster, not a sloppy Walmart patron.




3 thoughts on “Big Girls, Big Mistakes…Fatshion

  1. So true, Queen! I know of at least one big girl who covered herself up in those XXXL Looney Toons T-shirts that were so popular in the 90s. Basically, she looked like a fucking billboard for Tweety and Marvin the Martian. #classless

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