Adventures in Big Girl Sex…Married Edition

My husband and I have a pretty active sex life. Almost NOTHING deters us and I mean no excuse, no emotion, no argument, nada…unless there is an active tornado bearing down on the homestead or a sick child in need of us, we’re banging and it’s often twice the same night, often at wake up….and occasionally post dinner if we are creative in occupying the children. The weekends are pretty much a fuckfest. Think about that all you peeps who chat on FB with my hubs…when he says BRB and he’s gone for an hour. 😉

You know you take your marriage vows seriously when you make love through sickness and in health, yeah, even a raging fever or a gallbladder attack won’t deter the horny! That’s commitment!!

So last night, we had Thai and we love us some Thai food but on occasion it will flare up my gallbladder, not as bad as other foods can but enough to be a bit inhibiting. If you’ve never had an attack, let me tell you how they roll. They can be mild to really severe and when severe they hurt worse than hard labor and I’m fucking serious. I’d rather give birth than have a bad one. They can last from 1-2 hours all the way up to 24-48 and you’re usually a bit sore a few days after. In short, THEY FUCKING SUCK!

I learned a trick. If you drink a bit of beer before you eat, it usually prevents an attack and at worse you have a very mild one. So, drink a good beer before eating a trigger food. I had a mild one last night, a bit of belly swell and mild cramps. One thing that really helps is a belly massage. If you know how to massage someone, you can work those belly knots right out and lucky for me, I have a husband with great hands! He’s was working on some projects last night and I was sitting with my son watching a show and the hubby sends me a very erotic IM. That hit the mark but unfortunately my body was not in the mood to cooperate with my libido. I let him know that my belly was swollen, like really swollen and bit sore. He offers to rub it for me and I’m thinking…oh God yes! Belly massage. I tell him straight, just the rub, my belly is too swollen and sore for much more. He was undeterred. What followed was one of the most highly erotic belly rubs in history. Talk about a happy ending! It took him less than 5 minutes to work the kinks out of my stomach and put them in a lower region. He had me nearly begging him to take me before he was done with my massage.

We’ve been together nearly 7 years, I’m 46, he’s 43. We have 3 children, 2 of them are Autistic. He works an hour away from home, so he’s gone 50 plus hours a week. We have busy lives.  Our quality time together is very limited. We don’t let anything stand in the way of showing each other how much we need, love and desire each other.

The point of my story is this:

Never underestimate the powers of attraction and love. Don’t look for reasons to not engage in lovemaking, look for reasons to make it happen no matter what. It makes your relationship stronger and in the long run…happier!


Happy Hump Day!


This sexy beast is my husband doing “ducklips” LOL



9 thoughts on “Adventures in Big Girl Sex…Married Edition

  1. Rose, I love this! Happiness is so wonderful to hear as the subject of a post…just what I needed! Happy for your happiness in marriage, and pray for you in challenges. You are funny, sweet, kind, sexy and loving–so many other traits I admire and respect–thanks for being a blog buddy!!!! Love you – liz

    • Thank you so much!

      I’m serious about the beer thing – it works if you’re able to drink it. I’ve had 10 surgeries in the abdominal area so, I am doing all I can to prevent number 11. Those attacks can be crippling, I had one so bad I was begging for death to just take me. Scary painful.

      • Bless you! I had mine removed back in 2011, but I still have mini-attacks with certain foods.
        So how did you find your husband? I need one like that! I have burned through 2 that were not so good…hopeful that Mr. Right is out there, some where…and that he will know how to do the belly massage you described!

      • I actually found my husband via I was dipping my toes in the dating pool after leaving my ex-husband. I used Match because I had 2 sons, I was 39 and the prospect of hitting the bars was an utter turn off. Match allowed me to meet a wide variety of men slowly get to know them before meeting them in person.

        I should have my husband write a post on the GB massage because it works!

  2. I do believe that every woman who believes that holding back with “make him pay” needs to read what you just wrote. Intimacy in all of its forms can make or break a relationship. I’m not saying it is the cornerstone, but it sure is a great foundation to relate to each other and to be a bridge for the bad times to get to the better ones.

    • I actually think that intimacy is one of the cornerstones of a great relationship – you’re right it can make or break a relationship and without it all you have is a friend with or without the benefits.

  3. Admittedly, I’m getting a little jealous with all the blog love Amie Chadwick keeps sending your way, honey. That said, how’s your tummy feeling tonight? I have a full bottle of lotion and some time between novel-writing. 😉

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