How to Date a Fat Girl.

I like this list but I have a couple problems with it. The main problem I have is with Number 1. Being fat is not an easy thing but being a man who loves fat women can’t be much easier. They get teased, shamed and looked down upon for their desires too. When a man on a dating site uses a moniker that indicates he likes BBWs, don’t shit on him for it.

Bottom line is this – when we meet someone and start dating it is usually BECAUSE we find the outside package to our liking. We don’t know who you are on the inside and you don’t know us. Every relationship starts the same – I think you’re hot, you think I’m hot – let’s get to know each other better.

I’d prefer to know that the person interested in me – finds me sexy. I don’t want to guess and I don’t want to have to conceal my body and trick someone into seeing my appeal.

Adipose Activist

I’ve thankfully been in a relationship for over two years now–I say thankfully, because it’s tough out there (well, that and I’m very much in love with my boyfriend!) The more I talk to my friends, the more I realize that men have no idea how to talk to fat girls. So I figured I’d create a handy how-to list, which will hopefully be helpful to those ready to pop on out of the fat closet, or who already have but aren’t having much success. This is written in a pretty heteronormative manner, which I apologize for, but the experiences I’m most familiar with are men trying to chase women.

This is loosely based on my own experiences as well as the experiences and suggestions of many girls I’ve talked to. Do you have more suggestions? Feel free to comment!

1) DON’T mention her weight. 
Mentioning this first because it’s…

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7 thoughts on “How to Date a Fat Girl.

  1. Totally don’t need the list, but I guess I can see where she’s coming from. A lot of guys are complete flops when it comes to meeting women and oftentimes they say all the wrong things. That said, I’ll bet there’s a list for fat girls who are interested in dating men, too …

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