Relationship Tip #2

Relationship Tip #2: Keep Your Fucking Promises (A) and Don’t Expect Someone to Read Your Fucking Mind (B)

“People with good intentions make promises but people with good character keep them” ~Unknown

Man this is an annoying thing and we are all guilty of doing it. Forgetfulness, lost track of time, shit just gets in the way and suddenly you realize…you promised to do something and you didn’t. Or worse, someone is upset with you and you have no clue why, then you get pissed at them because that’s easier than …talking about it. Now you are both pouting and one of you has no fucking clue why and the other of you is pissed because someone didn’t keep their promise (and can’t read your damn mind).

Now what? Someone has to say something or the silent treatment and pouting is going to last for God knows how long…

Let’s try something new.

Person A – try really hard to do what you said you were going to do. Also, if you know your memory is SHIT, tell Person B to kindly remind you later if you haven’t kept your word and time is running out.

Person B – try really hard not to get the fucking vapors because Person A obviously forgot to do what they said. Person A’s memory is crap and by now you know it is…don’t you? Person A is quite OBVIOUSLY not a mind reader, so you will need to calm your tits and gently remind Person A about the thing they promised.

If you are beyond that point, then Person A should at least ASK Person B what’s upsetting them BEFORE getting crazy. If Person B won’t open up because they are too hurt over God knows what, then just tell them that you love them and you want to fix whatever it is…

Or you can all just keep arguing and giving each other the silent treatment because that’s been working for you, right?

If you love the person you are with then treat them that way. Don’t get in a dither over the small shit because the small shit will become the big shit and you will lose. You will drive a great person away. Life is tough enough sometimes, it’s even tougher with love in your life. Don’t chase love away because it isn’t perfect, nobody is perfect and certainly not the person who expects someone else to be mistake free…




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