Relationship Tip #1

Relationship #1: Ask for clarification when the person you are with says something that upsets you.

It is just as likely that you are misunderstanding what they meant, as it is that you’re not. Strangely, or not so strange, most of us assume the worst rather than not. The reason is that we all have insecurities and no matter how great your relationship is – everything said to you is filtered through those insecurities.  I think more couple fights occur over faulty assumptions than they do actual insults/grievances or pettiness.

So, do yourself and your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/lover a huge favor BEFORE jumping their shit over something they said, make sure they actually said what you thought.  Ask them to clarify what they meant. Don’t assume facts not in evidence and then react to your assumptions!

It will save you countless hours of arguing leaving you more time to shower them with love and great sex!


7 thoughts on “Relationship Tip #1

  1. I do believe you are going to force my hand, my dear. I have a backlog of blogging awards I need to respond to, and I do believe I am going to tag you in every one. 😉

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