The Honesty Fallacy

I’m not mean, I’m honest! One of the biggest lies humans tell…

We all have a choice in what we do and how we do it. If someone asks you for your opinion, it is up to you on how you deliver your “truth” to them.

If you go with “brutal honesty”, then you’re a big asshole. You don’t have to lie but you can be gentle, loving or kind. You don’t have to be mean but if you choose mean – then the honest opinion of others about you will be delivered the same and you won’t like it.

Trauma Central

“You just can’t handle me because I’m honest and tell it like it is!”

How many times have you heard that one from the so-called friend or acquaintance who prides themselves on “telling it like it is?” If they’re not saying it, they’re boasting about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Their penchant for blurting out unsolicited opinions about you and/or your life is usually lacking in truth and tact, but that doesn’t stop them. If you don’t like it, they’ll rudely say that you just “can’t handle the truth.” They might call it “brutal honesty,” but they’re only half right … and honesty ain’t got nothin’ to do with it!

Perhaps the biggest pitfall of the Honesty Fallacy is that those who commit it often mistake being honest for telling the truth. Full of themselves, these people sincerely believe that their honest opinion is equivalent to an incontrovertible fact…

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