I’m a Big Girl and I Posed Naked

Yep, I sure did. My husband had a really shitty day yesterday.  He was still recovering mentally from being in a nasty car wreck during rush hour, so I left him alone for a bit so he could surf the net. But then we got to talking dirty on IM…yeah, real dirty and after a bit of that he came out and put action to his thoughts.  It was hot.  We had dinner, got to talking about stuff and then while having a cigar and a beer I sprung the idea of posing for nudies. He sprung something else and I was back in the bedroom. 🙂

After the kids went to bed and my honey posted his blog, we got busy. I’ve always HATED having my picture taken. H-A-T-E-D!!!!!  This was different, he posed me, directed every shot and decided what was good and what was not. I told him that he had to make the call because like most every woman on the planet – I would be too critical.

It was a really great experience, I must say. Letting my husband control all aspects of the shoot allowed me to just let it happen. I was pretty happy with how it all went. I was still a bit nervous but I looked way better than I expected I would and seeing myself through his eyes made me feel really sexy.  I want to do it again, it was that amazing. I already know it will be better because my nerves will be gone. Oh and let me just say that watching my husband get aroused while taking pics of me was an added bonus. So was the third round of lovemaking he treated me to right after. I’m pretty sure that all that adrenaline that had him wound up after the accident was used up by bedtime.

I highly recommend doing this at some point, there really is nothing sexier than becoming your husband’s personal playmate. It’s both empowering and a lot of fun!



14 thoughts on “I’m a Big Girl and I Posed Naked

  1. You mind if I ask what your husband’s blog is? I figger if he’s married to you, his is probably a good read as well.

  2. KOUDO’S !!! I applaud you both ! Thank you for sharing this topic on your BLOG. More married couples need to find the courage to freely explore/express their “LOVE” in such a rewarding way…

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