Temporarily Mis-Matched Libidos

This is very good information for couples that may be going through a temporary dry spell. Enjoy!

Pleazure Seekers

There are few things that place more stress on a relationship than a misaligned sexual desire. He always wants it and she never does… or vice versa.

When this is a chronic condition, it has undermined many a relationship; in fact I believe that if you discover early on in a relationship that your libidos are seriously out of synch, you should very seriously consider ending the relationship.

But what if the condition is temporary? What if the two of you generally have similar sexual desire, but for some reasons you are temporarily out of synch.
This temporary misalignment is inevitable in any long term relationship – she has just had a baby, he/she is going through a really stressful period at work, she has a yeast infection; he has been feeling under the weather.

Learning to work through these short or even medium length periods of uneven sexual desire…

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